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It can be. Though you won't make a decent living unless your aim is to open up you own plumbing business at one point. That would be my recommendation; get experience working for a company then open your own. The downside probably is that it's a rather messy job, so some would find it

It is very important to be informed! Be sure to request information from multiple schools in order to compare which program is most appropriate for you.

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Mid Career College Who Should Attend
Very good as an introduction to HVAC & plumbing. Good description of general systems & applications of building services. Derek Trader, Norman, Disney & Young Mid Career College reserve the right to make changes to the speakers or programme. The

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Ready and qualified for the next stage in a successful career. Currently looking for a suitable plumbing position with a ambitious company. WORK EXPERIENCE

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Q Is plumbing a good profession to get into?? Hi there, I'm currently a carpenter, but am looking at changing my career for one reason or another and plumbing is something that i am considering, so i would just like your opinions on what you think of your job and do you enjoy it??

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career 33 years ago in the plumbing supply industry. In a recent interview with Mike he stated “I am so pleased in commercial plumbing Inside Sales quotes. Good benefits. Send resume & salary require-ments to: Human Re-sources, P.O. Box 530441,

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Choosing a career in plumbing requires some thought on your part. Perhaps you have some questions you need answered. Here are 7 common questions that people have about studying for a career in plumbing.

Can And Should A Plumbing Inspector Work With The Tools
Can and Should a Plumbing Inspector Work with the Tools By Joseph P. Guzzo Introduction Recently during a continuing education seminar one of the subjects on the agenda

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plumbing system technicians – trained in these specialized career areas – install, maintain, and Students who successfully complete a career program with good grades, good attendance, and the ability to demonstrate competencies

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After working for the last year I am now bored and realise I need to start thinking seriously about my future career. I am thinking about becoming

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Train with OLCI for a career in the trades and tutors from Good to Excellent3. now set up SAF Plumbing & Heating that’s earning me a good living and it all started by getting the right skills from my training. Stephen Flower – trained on the

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If the individual wants to become a more professional plumber and he wants to make a good career in the plumbing field, firstly the thing to be understood by the individual is that what the purpose of plumber is.

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Best Answer: It's a very good career. Plumbers can make good money. Not exactly the right section, but, yes it is. Actually, any trade is a good career. You're always needed, in demand, and many tradesmen charge more per hour than do some lawyers (assuming you own your own business