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Glossary of Plumbing terms. Air admittance valve – A valve designed to vent a stack pipe within a building by drawing air into the pipework when an appliance is discharged.

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Plumbing GlossaryBathroom Faucets, KITCHEN & BAR Products, BATHROOM Products, Copper Sinks – All Brands, Kitchen Sinks, Bar & Prep Sinks, Bathroom Sinks, Cleaning Products, Clearance Ventilation Fans, Kitchen & Bar Faucets, Clearance Sale, Shop by Brand, Waste King, Ventilation Fans, Range Hoods

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Not sure what all the different plumbing terms mean? Look at our plumbing glossary so you'll be able to talk like the pros!

GLOSSARY OF TERMS Below represents a listing of terms and words u Remonstrance, Referenda , as well as debt finance and related matters. (HVAC and Plumbing), Electrical, General, Painting, Flooring and many other areas. interior -preparation of d Library. , .

GLOSSARY OF TERMINOLOGY GLOSSARY OF TERMINOLOGY ALIGNER Lumber or metal members used to align vertical formwork. (plumbing strut oralignment device) ANCHOR BRACKET A projecting member designed in combination with a specified anchor to attach to a

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Glossary of Terms Ballast Water – Water placed in the hold of a boat or ship to maintain stability. Black Water – Water-carried human wastes, Plumbing Fixture – Includes but not limited to toilets, showers, lavatories, and laundry fixtures.

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Find all the information you need to make plumbing repairs and updates on your own, without being overwhelmed.

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Plumbing Glossary – Android – Plumbing is the skilled trade of working with pipes, tubing and plumbing fixtures for drinking water systems and the drainage

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ACRYLIC: A glassy, thermoplastic material that is vacuum-formed to cast and mold shapes to create fixtures.

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Acronyms and Glossary of Terms tional Plumbing Code (IPC) defines graywater as wastewater discharged from lavatories, bath-tubs, showers, clothes washers and laundry sinks; some states allow kitchen sinks to be included with graywater

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Glossary of Terms Term/Phrase Definition ability to fund program costs with departmental revenues in electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling) customer satisfaction ability to meet or exceed customers' expectations for personal treatment and departmental services

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Rodent Proofing, Roof Drain, Relief Vent Plumbing Terms & Plumbing Definitions. Crawford Mechanical Services of Columbus, Ohio plumbing glossary of plumber terms and definitions.

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Glossary of Commercial Terms July 2008 Above Building Standard Services and finishes provided by a landlord that exceed those provided under the base rent.

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Glossary of Terms . Apprenticeship and Industry Training . Plumbing contractor . Plumbing system . Potable . Private sewage disposal system . Private water supply system . Relief vent . Riser . Roof drain . Roof gutter . Sanitary building drain .